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I got my start in journalism as an editor and remain deeply passionate about working with reporters to help them turn out the best story possible. My experience includes managing a roster of freelancers as an assigning editor and working through all stages of the editing process, from making structural edits that can shape a narrative to catching a stray comma before the magazine goes to print. If you'd like to talk about working together, please reach out!

"Kelsey was a great contributor to the CIM Magazine editorial team. She communicated clearly and professionally both in her direction to freelance writers and the editorial interns she supervised as well as in her interactions with sources. As an assigning editor focused on news, she had a knack for generating stories from a variety of online resources and her professional network."

— Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-chief of CIM Magazine

"Attention to detail. An inquisitive mind. Elevated style. These are the that ingredients make up a quality editor. Having worked with Kelsey for many years, I can unreservedly say she has all three, in addition to being a complete joy to work with."

— Martha Porado, Editor of The Medical Post /

former colleague at Benefits Canada

"It's always a pleasure to have my work edited by Kelsey. Assignments are clear from the beginning and she's available if I have any questions or concerns along the way. The editing process is streamlined and results in a stronger, easier to understand final story."

— Sara King-Abadi, Freelance journalist

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